BTWT is 2 years old!


Babcia’s walnut cake.

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Behind The Water Tower is two years old! By rights we should have been celebrating our birthday on 3 March, but the report of the National Audit Office investigation of the PKP group had just arrived and we thought we should get the translation of the management summary into your hands as soon as possible.

The NIK report confirms what we all know Poland’s railway are in a serious mess and matters appear to be getting worse. Most infuriating – large sums of money, that were available from the EU for the modernization and upgrading of Poland’s railway network, have not been spent because PKP has not submitted the correct paperwork.

At such a time a publication like BTWT which is entirely independent of vested interests – and has an international readership – can play a useful role. This is a very important period for Poland’s railways – decisions about to be made at national government and provincial government level – will determine the long-term size of the railway network and the extent and quality of the services that operate over it.

When BTWT launched, I never dreamed that two nears later the blog would be nudging the 200,000 cumulative hits mark, nor that Tunnel Vision, our daughter blog analysing UK developments and published very occasionally, would have clocked up 11,000 cumulative hits in its own right. I would like to thank all those who help to keep both our blogs on track.

Special thanks are due to: fellow bloggers –  Mike Dembinski, the Fact Compiler and Phill Davison, who not only allow us to cross post articles, but generously have provided back links; guest authors – Robert Hall, ‘Inzynier’ and Grzegorz Sykut; the photographers who have allowed us to regularly use their pictures – Marek Ciesielski, Tomasz Domzalski, Robert Dylewski, Jerzy Dabrowski, Tilo Rösner, Harald Finster, Andrew Goodwin, Dewi Williams, Phill Davison and the late Alun Evans; all our comment contributors, especially our ‘regulars’ Robert Hall, Geoff Jenkins and Gavin Whitelaw; and last but not least all our sources, with special thanks to ‘podroznik’.

Before I close I would like to raise a glass of Zubrowka and drink a toast to all our readers who put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and sent off letters in support of our various campaigns – you have made a difference – Na zdrowie to you all!

One Response to “BTWT is 2 years old!”

  1. Robert Hall Says:

    Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin BTWT ! (thank you, dictionary.)

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