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Spotted in Poznan

Thursday, 4 March 2010

SM03-265 this morning outside Poznan Shed. Photo Marek Ciesielski.

Last Saturday, as my osobowy to Ostrow Wielkopolski pulled out of Poznan, I spotted what I took to be a narrow gauge diesel on a well wagon. I phoned Marek Ciesielski who frequently travels between Wolsztyn and Poznan by rail and Marek kindly took the above photograph. It turns out not to be a narrow gauge loco after all, but a small diesel shunter, one of 7 SM03s that were stationed in Poznan. The SM03s were called kaczki (ducks) because of their waddling motion along the track. This loco is all set to go somewhere, but what an extraordinary lash-up. Surely this is not the proper way to restrain a loco when carrying it on board a truck?