Your photos could keep Polish n.g. running!


Works car in the depot at Soller on the Port Soller tramway in Mallorca (Majorca). Photo Krzystof Wajrach (frame capture from KOLEJTV1 video.)

KOLEJTV is a tightly-edited and highly professional webcast produced each week by a small independent team of Polish rail transport proponents. The programmes are anchored by Dagmara Kowalska, who will no doubt one day follow the footsteps of Rocketboom’s first presenter, Amanda Congdon, and become a major media personality in her own right.

KOLEJTV viewers have started sending in their own railway photographs and the programme’s web site features a small gallery of exceptional pictures. Each weekly instalment also features a brief photomontage chosen from a portfolio of photographs sent in by a viewer. This week’s programme features a set of pictures sent in by Krzystof Wajrach of the railway and tramway depot in Soller on Majorca.

Ms Kowalska has invited viewers to send in more photographs of exotic narrow gauge railways. So we would exhort our own readers to do just that. While photographs of Dolgoch on the Talyllyn, or Beyer Garratts on the WHR might not seem very exotic to many of our readers, rest assured that they are exotic indeed in Poland.

KOLEJTV enjoys access to the top people whose decision effect the running of Poland’s railways. Presumably some of them even watch the show. Your pictures might persuade some of them that Poland’s surviving narrow gauge railways have a future and should not all be turned into cycle paths! The address to e-mail your photographs to is: Please put ‘Waskotorowka’ in the subject line.

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