Passenger services return to the Pleszew Railway


Romanian railcar MBxd2-216 back in action on the Pleszew Railway. Photo SKPL.

After a long break, while the engine on Romanian diesel railcar MBxd2-216 was replaced, passenger services were restored on the Pleszew Railway in February. Three pairs of trains between Pleszew Miasto and Pleszew Waski are run in the morning and another three are run in the afternoons. Trains are held at Pleszew Waski until their connections from Ostrow Wielkopolski or Poznan Glowny arrive.


7 Responses to “Passenger services return to the Pleszew Railway”

  1. Robert Hall Says:

    Doings on this line (“off again, on again”) really tend to make me dizzy. Should hoped-for visit to Poland this summer come to pass, would be nice to get a ride on it; but feel inclined to reserve judgement till actual arrival at Pleszew Waski on day of hoped-for travel…

    • dyspozytor Says:

      If you wrote a nice letter to SKPL I’m sure you could get a cab ride in the standard gauge goods train. (The Pleszew Railway is dual gauge.)

  2. Robert Hall Says:

    Thanks for the idea – certainly one to consider. Will admit that I’d prefer to “bag” this line by travelling over the 750mm rails in an MBxd2; but one needs to be reasonable. Especially concerning minor railways in genuine commercial service at the present time, impassioned requiring of exactly what one would most like, in every particular, is unlikely to be a road to happiness or contentment.

  3. Robert Hall Says:

    Dare I say – unless / until MBxd2-216 (notwithstanding recent repairs), conks out again?

  4. Geoff Jenkins Says:

    Yes, running a passenger service that relies on a single railcar with no reserve must lead to a significant risk that services will have to be cancelled. The railcar may now have a secondhand bus engine but was that engine overhauled before it was fitted? The railway needs to have some form of back up. Another railcar would be preferable but failing that, the run round loop should be reinstated and a suitable enclosed coach obtained.

  5. Robert Hall Says:

    The situation here can lead one toward exasperation, and fantasising about one’s being a person of great wealth. If I were the aforesaid, then heck, I’d buy SKPL a second railcar for the Pleszew line ! — getting it in Poland or elsewhere, according to what available.

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