New hope for Naleczow Railway?


Lxd3-348 in the Naleczow Railway’s Karczmiska workshops. Will the locomotive and the Naleczow Railway ever emerge from the shadows? Photo ©Michal Stateczny.

(This is a photo from the tabor (railway rolling stock) section of Michal Stateczny’s great website about the Naleczow Railway. Click image to see more photographs of the railway.)

The chief executive of Opole District has gone on record saying that he is hopeful that the Naleczow Railway will be able to resume operations this summer and that he is holding talks with two interested parties regarding the possibility of one of them taking over the responsibility for operating the railway. The line was formerly operated by SKPL, but the Association withdrew in January 2009 when the District Council failed to agree a subsidy to keep the line running. No trains ran in 2009. The District Council finally obtained the freehold of the line from PKP later that year and is thinking of either setting up its own operating company, or negotiating an arrangement with an existing narrow gauge operator.

The District Council has been awarded an EU grant totally several hundred thousand zloty towards the costs of a project entitled ‘The Narrow Gauge Railway on the bank of the Vistula as the hallmark of tourism development in the Lubelsczyzna Region’. Encouraging though this news is, it seems that those monies that will actually be spent on the railway (as opposed to the promotion of tourism) will only be used to finance the rebuilding of the station buildings at Karczmiska and not the badly needed restoration of the track and rolling stock.

Meanwhile, the Opole District Council, the Vistula Riverbank Museum and the Karczmiska Municipality have made an application for a second EU-funded project. This time the funds would be spent not only on the restoration of the other station buildings, but also the repair of track and rolling stock and the purchase of bicycles for hire!

Let’s hope that the second application is also successful!


2 Responses to “New hope for Naleczow Railway?”

  1. Trevor Butcher Says:

    I really hope that it does work out, but it is hard sometimes to imagine trains on the line any more, which is a shame because I have enjoyed every trip I have made on it.

    Still, if I can get my photographic exhibition in as part of Noc Kultury here in Lublin in June, I will try and get some kind of image of the railway in as part of it.

  2. grzegorz_sykut Says:

    I also hope that this does work. I have spent many years as a volunteer on the Nałęczowska Railway. I think this year is a critical moment to start. Locomotives, tracks, buildings and railwaymen are all getting old. Local government has everything necessary – money, organization (create a local association to operate the railway) and goodwill. Local government elections will take place quite soon.

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