Pawel Szwed resigns from FPKW chair


Pawel Szwed

The website of the Fundacja Polskich Kolei Waskotorowych (The Polish Narrow Gauge Railway Foundation) carries an announcement that Pawel Szwed, long-standing chairman of the Foundation has resigned. There is also a comment that the headquarters of the Foundation has been transferred to Rogow and that all donations made to the Foundation will now be used for the development of the line from Rogow to Biala Rawska.

BTWT understands that Pawel Szwed was unable to bring negotiations with the Kozenice Forestry Commission to a successful conclusion regarding the relaying of the Pionki Forest Railway through the Kozenice Forest. Local volunteers became frustrated at the slow rate of progress and started to grumble that the Pionki Skansen was looking more and more like restaurant with a railway theme rather than a ‘proper’ railway museum.

Pawel Szwed’s achievement at Pionki has been absolutely amazing, as anyone can see for himself by browsing the historic photo gallery at the Pionki section of the FPKW website. We pass on our best wishes to Pawel and hope that – if he decides that there is no long term future at Pionki for his 600 mm gauge railway and rolling stock – he will find a more receptive environment elsewhere.


One Response to “Pawel Szwed resigns from FPKW chair”

  1. Geoff Jenkins Says:

    A fascinating article but it certainly raises a few questions. If Rogow and Pionki are going their separate ways what happens to FKPW and its wider aims?

    From the announcement, I had assumed that Pawel Szwed was going to concentrate on Pionki to the exclusion of any more strategic role. Another assumption was that the majority of the railway and rolling stock items at Pionki would have belonged to FPKW. However, from what you are saying, they are owned by Pawel Szwed. If the volunteers at Pionki have become disenchanted with him is it possible that the situation where there is a site stripped of the majority of the railway items and a dismantled railway looking for a new home?

    The question of the ownership of the narrow gauge rolling stock at various sites throughout Poland is quite critical. Does any of it still belong to PKP, has it been transferred to the local authority or is it owned by a preservation group or individual? This will have some bearing on how much influence a group is likely to have.

    The wider role of FKPW must be weakened if it is going to end up as a single site organisation. However, it should lead to a closer focus on the development of the Rogow line. It does raise the question about the best strategy to follow. Do you adopt the large umbrella organisation approach, like FPKW seemed to be attempting, when it had three railways under its management, or do you go for the ground up method where activists concentrate their efforts on their local or favourite line?

    It does appear that after some promising progress a number of narrow gauge lines seem to be encountering difficulties. You have already mentioned the problems at Bialosliwie and things seem to have gone very quiet at Krosniewice after a high profile start up. At the moment 2010 looks like being an interesting year for Polish narrow gauge preservation.

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