OL49 rescues railcar stuck in snow!


Wojciech Lis reports on his Wiadomosci z Parowozowni w Wolsztynie (News from Wolsztyn Shed) website that today a diesel railcar running from Zbaszynek to Leszno became stuck in the snow at Solecko. Ol49-7 was despatched from Wolsztyn Shed at 12:20 and by 13:05 had hauled the railcar to Wolsztyn. Meanwhile Ol49-59 was despatched to haul the 13:30 Wolsztyn – Poznan turn and the 17:13 return from Poznan. It was fortuitous that both Ol49s were in steam; OL 49-59 had earlier hauled a spacial train to Tuchorzy for TVN.

To read Wojciech Lis’s Polish website in English just copy and paste this URL into Google Translate: http://www.parowozy.com.pl/news.htm

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