Berlin-Bydgoszcz by slow train


Niederbarnimer Eisenbahn train at Seelow-Gusow.
Photo Karsten Knut Knuth.

(Click on image to see original on Wikipedia and for details of licensing.)

One of our correspondents reports on his trip from Berlin to Bydgoszcz. The different approach to railway transport in Germany and Poland was quite apparent. How long will it be, I wonder before NEB trains run through to major destinations in Poland?

Well I’m back from a long weekend in Berlin. Coming back I travelled on private operator NEB’s services from Berlin-Lichtenberg to Kostrzyn. Very nice, power points for laptops, coffee sales by the conductor. (Just 0.80 euro for a large cup!)

From Kostrzyn, the szynobus craze seems to have taken over. The Kostrzyn to Krzyz service was made up of a ZNTK Poznan-built 2-car unit on single axles, not bogies. It was quite packed, but inside it was cold. Both toilets were locked out of service, but there was a definite whiff of toilet chemicals inside the car. The ride to Krzyz went quite well, though at one point the conductor told someone that the connecting Krzyz – Pila service was odwolany, and this story made the rounds, although no official attempt was made to inform passengers.

Arriving Krzyz, a Wielkopolski Pesa railbus to Pila was waiting, so so much for that rumor. That leg went well. It was warm inside, but I hated the bus-style seating. At Pila a connection to an EN57 for Bydgoszcz was made. I used to hate EN57’s, but after so much DMU riding, it was a welcome sight!)


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