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Superpower to Radom

Sunday, 31 January 2010

ET41-113 hauling a Koleje Mazowieckie Warsaw-Radom train.
Photo Michael Dembinski.

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I used to regularly travel the Warsaw-Radom route but never enjoyed such super power haulage as captured recently in this photo by Michael Dembinski. The ET41s double units are usually employed hauling heavy coal trains between Silesia and Gdynia.

Steam trains better than railcars in the snow.

Sunday, 31 January 2010

2-6-2 Ol49-59 and railcarĀ  SA132-013 at Wolsztyn on 21.12.2009
Photographer unknown, photo via

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The Wolsztyn Experience website reports that the railcars which operate the majority of Wolsztyn – Poznan services have struggled to cope with the deep snow.

The extreme cold weather in Europe has this year produced more snow in Wolsztyn than the last few years with 12 ins in early January. On Jan 4th the steam service from Wolsztyn hauled by Pt47-65 was the only on time arrival at Poznan in the morning rush hour. Delays on some days have been caused by the railcars which have struggled in the deep snow; however, having waited to pass a railcar running some 20 minutes late on Sunday 3rd Jan, the Pt recovered 15 minutes of the lost time. Old technology once again proves its worth in extreme conditions.

Wojtek Lis reports on his Wiadomosci z Parowozowni w Wolsztynie website that on Saturday afternoon a railcar travelling from Poznan to Wolsztyn became stuck in the snow at Mlyniewo near Grodzisk Wielkopolski. A diesel locomotive sent to assist the train as well as a rotary plough failed to free the railcar. Finally the crew of the snow plough were joined by the Grodzisk Wielkopolski fire brigade and the two teams together managed to dig out the railcar from the snow by hand.

Meanwhile the following train hauled by 2-8-2 Pt47-65 was held at Grodzisk Wielkopolski where it spent the whole night! Its passengers were taken to Wolsztyn by the last PKS service of the day, while the Pt47, using its last reserves of water, reached Wolsztyn at 05:40! Today’s 05:11 Wolsztyn – Poznan working left Wolsztyn at 07:28.