From Warsaw to Basle by sleeper?


Certainly, if you pay us to fax Belarus!

Polish coach on Jan Kieura sleeper train.
Photo The Man in Seat Sixty One.

(Click picture to go to the How to travel from London to Poland… section of The Man In Seat Sixty One website.)

The Jan Kiepura is a very useful train. It leaves Warsaw at 18:10 travels to Berlin and then splits, sending its various carriages to useful destinations in Germany and beyond. It is even possible by changing at Utrecht and Rotterdam to arrive at Hook of Holland in time for the 14:30 afternoon ferry to Harwich and  and thence by National Express East Anglia to London Liverpool Street for 22:16.

Until December, passengers travelling from Poland to various destinations in Europe could directly book their tickets directly at PKP InterCity ticket offices. From the New Year they are being told that they have to pay for a fax if to Belarus or Russia, if their destination is served by a coach belonging to the railway company of either of these countries, and that it may take seven days before they receive an answer informing them whether they have been granted a reservation.

Of course, this new improved service is considerably more expensive than the system that was operated before.


2 Responses to “From Warsaw to Basle by sleeper?”

  1. Macowiec Says:

    Your link is broken. Here is the correct link:,36037,7408941,Bilety_na_pociag_musisz_kupic_na_Bialorusi.html

    Great article, though. The fax has long existed for getting reservations from the East into Poland (for example, Minsk-Moscow). I cannot understand this charge though, and why they cannot use e-mail. I think it’s more of a processing charge, as the actual faxes from the PKP IC ticket offices are sent to Warsaw, and I think someone coordinates it by phone or perhaps e-mail from there. But it’s still a nerve to make the customer pay for this.

  2. News Says:

    But I always thought that sleeping cars from Russia and Belarus could only be used for journeys originating in those countries, so they could not be used for travelling from Warsaw to Basle. I remember such sleepers were always marked as such in the Thomas Cook European Timetable.

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