Calling John Hyde


New competition!

Part of a Zubrowka bottle. Photo Bartender.

(Click bottle to see it in its original Hungarian context.)

Dyspozytor toasts all Behind The Water Tower’s readers with a glass of szarlotka – a potent cocktail comprising 4 parts chilled apple juice to 1 part Zubrowka taken straight from the freezer. As well as hoping that you have as successful a 2010 as possible, I hope that you might make it to Poland this year and that perhaps some of us will meet up at the Smigiel Railway’s 110th anniversary celebrations in mid September.

Gavin Whitelaw who runs the Vintage Images website writes to remind me that it’s been a long time that since our last competition. Well that’s partly because John Hyde, who won our last competition many moons ago, left us an e-mail that does not seem to work. John, if you are out there somewhere, do please contact either me via my e-mail: railfan [at] go2 [dot] pl or Gavin (who kindly donated a couple of bottles of Zubrowka as prizes) on his e-mail: gavw [at] btopenworld [dot] com so that we can deliver your prize.

So here is the first puzzle picture of 2010. The picture was taken in the 1950s, I believe. I myself visited the location in the mid-60s when diesels had taken over the regular duties, but a couple of the steam engines had been retained as spares. So for 10 points – where was this picture taken?

Spotlessly clean 0-6-0T shunting locomotive. in the 1950s, but where?
Photo BTWT archives.

(Click to see the slightly larger original.)

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