Looking forward to 2010


Happier days. Railcar MBxd1-168 on a Krosniewice – Ozorkow Christmas special in December 2006. Photo SKPL.

The whole BTWT editorial team would like to wish all readers a Happy Christmas / Winter Holiday! (Delete if not applicable.) Meanwhile Dyspozytor, who likes to see himself in the role of Delphic Oracle, has made a few predictions for Polish heritage rail in 2010. Here there are:

  1. SKPL will fall out with one of the local authorities through which one of its lines runs…
  2. A number of Polish narrow gauge will benefit from EU-assisted restoration projects.
  3. One major railway project, within an hours drive from Warsaw, will fold.
  4. There will be attempts to revive a portion of the Krosniewice narrow gauge railway.
  5. The railway muszeum at Koscierzna will be taken over by one of the local authorities.
  6. There will be further attempts to discontinue the Wolsztyn – Poznan steam-workings.

It will be interesting to review how accurate these predictions were at the same time next year! What about all the other unfinished stories from 2009? What will happen to the Railway Museum in Warsaw, the forgotten railway museum at Karsnice or the skansen at Pyskowice? Watch this space!

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