The best railway station restaurant in the World


Paris, Gare de Lyon. Photo © 2005 David Monniaux.
(Note engine relief crossover still in place.)

(Click to see original and details of licensing on the German edition of Wikipedia.)

PKP bosses wondering how to spice up their dismal catering arrangements at Warszawa Centralna could do no better than to head out to the Gare de Lyon in Paris and grab a quick snack at Le Train Bleu, one of the best restaurants in Paris and without any doubt the best railway station restaurant in the world. Or if French cuisine is too great a stretch, they could go to London instead.

Le Train Bleu scene from Luc Besson’s film, Nikita

I wish to point out that I am including this film clip for its charming portrayal of Le Train Bleu, and I am not endorsing its methodology as a solution to the management problems of PKP. [Come to think of it, drastic situations… ]

Spoiler alert

For those who are interested in film noir, Besson’s Nikita gradually develops a conscience, rebels and escapes her captors, unlike her Canadian namesake who, after a long struggle, eventually accepts the philosophy of her tormentors.

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