PKP thumb their noses at Sokoly Wojt


Sokoły Station saw regular freight trains until a couple months ago.
Photo ©Referee via Kolejowe Podlasie.

(Click picture to see this and Referee’s other Sokoly photographs in high resolution on Kolejowe Podlasie forum.)

In October, we reported how Jozef Zajkowski the Wojt (Chief Executive) of Sokoly Council was battling with PKP to take over the disused Lapy – Ostroleka railway line. Now PKP – in a gesture that will remind older UK readers of the behaviour of erstwhile British Rail – have responded by selling the track in the freight sidings at Sokoly to a demolition contractor. Our mole in Podlasie says that if PKP think that this will deter Mr Zajkowski they have seriously underestimated their advesary.


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