A good picture is worth a hundred words…


Tyra Sawmill in the Czech Republic. Photo ©Harald Finster

On really bad days when the forces of ‘progress’ score another victory, I withdraw from the outside world. In my own private virtual reality, I dream of working Welsh slate quarries with their spiders web of narrow gauge railways, ancient locomotives working ironstone railways in the Midlands and steam locomotives with funny Latin names pulling wooden wagons of ball clay through the Isle of Purbeck. Alas, Great Britain has been stripped clean of these special places, and Poland is trying so desperately hard to ‘catch up’. Soon the only remaining industrial railways in Poland will be just a few metres of track in some old fashioned saw mills.

I Googled for ‘sawmill’ and searched hundreds of photos for that last piece of track, and then I found the above photograph and the truly amazing photography of Harald Finster. Click on the picture above to see the rest of Harald’s photos of Tyra Sawmill, then go and make yourself a cup of tea, lock the door and spend the next couple of hours exploring Harald’s amazing website.


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