Smigiel Snow


Shunting in the snow at Smigiel. A still from a video by bosz112.

(Click on picture to view the video on You Tube.)

It’s a strange paradox that, the harder I work at trying to do something about the mess that Polish heritage railways find themselves in, the less time I have to post to BTWT. This week has been particularly hectic. I promise to return to a more normal frequency of posting next week. In the meantime, here is something to celebrate the survival of the Smigiel Railway as a real working railway. A good friend sent me a link to this brilliant video of the Smigiel Railway which I am sure many readers will enjoy.

Just a gentle reminder, if you are one of our campaigners who wrote to the Mayor of Smigiel asking him to do all he can to keep the Smigiel Railway running as a real working railway, perhaps now is the time to drop him a note of thanks for negotiating an agreement that will allow SKPL to continue running the line?


3 Responses to “Smigiel Snow”

  1. Robert Hall Says:

    Yes, as per generally accepted etiquette: first, request note to Santa; request hopefully complied with; then, thank-you letter. Deed has been done.

  2. John Ball Says:

    I’ll do that and also be telling him of my planned visit in February, to prove my sincerity about the railway bringing tourists to his town! Snow quite likely in February I imagine.

  3. Simon Hickman Says:

    Hi, you may be interested in this:

    My Polish isn’t very good, but this doesn’t sound good.

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