Zulawy memories


Train turning on the triangle at Malbork-Kałdowo Waske in 1991
Photo ©Stefan Motz

(Click above to view this picture in a larger format and see the rest of Stefan Motz’s photo essay about a journey from Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki to Malbork in 1991.)

After yesterday’s lapse in standards, today’s picture brings us back to the Polish narrow gauge. Stefan Morz recently posted a wonderful description of tracking a train on the Nowy Dwor Gdanski to Malbork section of the Zulawy Narrow Gauge Railway in June 1991. For those who are not fluent in German, here his story in an English translation courtesy of Google translate.

Sadly this section of line no longer exists. It was closed by an unimaginative local authority several years ago to make way for road widening. Happily some of the Zulawy system still lives on rescued from oblivion and operated by the Pomeranian Railway Enthusiasts Society.

5 Responses to “Zulawy memories”

  1. Robert Hall Says:

    A splendid series of pictures, with a terse to-the-point commentary. Brings home, what a treasure the more bucolic parts of this once-extensive system were.

    I only managed to see the very ‘last knockings’ of this system; didn’t get there until 1994, when the only sections that retained their passenger service were: Nowy Dwor – Lisewo (very rural-and-roadside), and the “main line” from Nowy Dwor to the coast (not so).

    For my personal tastes, the ‘main line’, now preserved, is the dullest bit of Polish narrow gauge that I’ve ever encountered – little truly light-railway feel. Thoughts arise, of Bryan Morgan’s reflections about a railway more than 50years ago, in a different country: words to effect of, “There are many lines which have perished, for any one of which I would gladly swap this surviving one.” Still, nowadays it’s beggars and choosers…

  2. John Ball Says:

    I always feel that those rusty tracks, or lifted trackbed, that I spot from a train window, were more interesting than the line I’m travelling on. Just have to count our blessings, even if these seem a bit limited!

  3. Robert Hall Says:

    A thing which, I reckon, we all do. Whenever I ride on the Severn Valley Railway and see, just north of Bewdley, the old line to Tenbury Wells and beyond branching off to the left with the piers of its former bridge over the Severn, I think, “Damn, I wish they’d saved that line, instead of this one up to Bridgnorth”. (From what I have been able to gather, at one point things might have gone that way, but didn’t.)

  4. Karolis Says:

    Stowarzyszenie Żuławskiej Kolei Dojazdowej is not currently operator of Żulawska narrow gauge. Contact to current operator of Żulawska KD is Pomorskie Towarzystwo Miłośników Kolei Żelaznych on new site http://zkd-zulawy.republika.pl/kontakt.html

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