Smigiel plans 110th anniversary



Smigiel Railway in PKP days. Freight train from Wielichowo.
Still from Video by Andrzej Mastalerz.

(Click to see the video. Andrzej Mastalerz has put some of his collection of films of Polish narrow gauge lines on You Tube. You can see them here.)

The first train ran on the Smigiel Railway, then called the Schmiegeler Kreisbahn ran in 1900. The line was metre gauge and the first section had been built out from Stare Bojanowo eastwards towards Krzywin. These days the line is 750 mm gauge and runs westwards from Stare Bojanowo to Smigiel where most trains terminate. Each year a few chartered special trains run to the present western terminus of the line at Wielichowo.

In 2010 the Smigiel Railway will be 110 years old. SKPL, the operators of the line, plan to celebrate the birthday in style inviting a number of visiting steam engines and running a narrow gauge plandampf as part of the festivities. If you are planning your rail trips for 2010 then I would recommend holding the week of 10 – 17 September in reserve.

One Response to “Smigiel plans 110th anniversary”

  1. Geoff Jenkins Says:

    An interesting video that really gives a good impression of what narrow gauge steam hauled freight really looked like in PKP days. I did not notice any information saying when the film was taken. The Smigiel line stopped regular steam operation at quite an early date, maybe as far back as the early 1970’s. This looks as though it was taken some time around 1993, although I have to admit that I’m only guessing. Presumably, a Px48 was shipped in from Opalenica or one of the other lines not too far away that still had operational steam locos so that a few special trains could be run.

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