Bieszczady Railway end of year report



The Bieszczady Railway’s LAS 0-6-0T hauling a photographer’s special in 2006.
Photo ©FBKL.

The Bieszczady Railway reports a good 2009 season. 115,000 tickets were sold to some 70,000 passengers. Currently the Bieszczady Railway operates over 30 km of a total of 70 km route miles. A three year modernization programme partly funded from the EU regional development funds has been given the go ahead from the provincial governor’s office. It is hoped to use the funds to refurbish the track and rolling stock and to restore the line’s Kp4 0-8-0T locomotive to working order.

The only dark cloud is that the extension of the line to connect with the PKP standard gauge line at Lupkow has been put on ice for the time being.

It is good news that, at a time when other narrow gauge railways are under pressure, Zygmunt Cholewinski the governor of the Podkarpackie province has recognized the value of economic tourism and has decided to back the scheme by providing the required ‘match funding’.

3 Responses to “Bieszczady Railway end of year report”

  1. White Horse Pilgrim Says:

    That does sound like good news. Are they planning to restore the whole 70km? If so, that would make quite a trip – indeed enough to think about a holiday to Poland. Many years ago I saw the triangular junction near Lupkow, and it would be great to see trains coming or going in all three directions.

  2. Rik degruyter Says:

    The Bieszczady Railway project proves without a doubt that given the goodwill and positive thinking of local and regional authorities a lot can be achieved. It is a very good example for other possible projects. If Polish preservation societies would learn from this that they have to build up a viable tourist attraction rather than “playing trains” and making the scrap line longer.

  3. Tomek Says:

    My mother told me about this railway and its magic. It is very good that it has been saved.

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