Poland’s future railway network


Just rub out all the grey lines.

Some links added.


bluewhite Lines already rebuilt and modernised (financed from EU funds and state budget)
redwhiteLines to be modernised (2009 – 2015) (financed from EU funds and state budget)
yellowwhiteSome modernisation documentation prepared  (So far no funding allocated. Unlikely all to go ahead.)
brownwhiteImprovements and repairs (were supposed to be financed from state budget, but that was before the economic crisis)
orangewhiteLines to be modernised (2009 – 2015) (financed from EU funds + regional government budgets)
greenwhiteProposed high speed lines (feasibility study funding from EU and state budget)
graywhiteRemainder railways


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2 Responses to “Poland’s future railway network”

  1. Macowiec Says:

    Source? Maybe some background on this?

    • dyspozytor Says:

      If I could quote my source without it instantly drying up I would. Suffice it to say that this is from a presentation made in Poland within the last fortnight. Being somewhat cynical, I have editorialised the captions to the colour codes.

      Background? Yes you are right I should give some background. The official vision as to what will happen to Poland’s railways is the Master Plan dla Transportu Kolejowego published by the Ministry of Infrastructure. This is available as a pdf download.

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