Lxd2-241 completes a heavy overhaul


Lxd2-241 resplendent in a new coat of paint in the yard in Smigiel.
Photo © Geoff Jenkins.

(This picture first appeared on Pawel Cieslar’s great website Tabor Waskotorowy w Polsce (Narrow Gauge Rolling Stock in Poland. Click photo to see it in its original context on TWwP.)

During the summer Henschel-engined Lxd2-241 underwent a heavy overhaul in Smigiel. In September, it emerged repainted in SKPL’s standard diesel locomotive livery.

One Response to “Lxd2-241 completes a heavy overhaul”

  1. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    SKPL are showing willing, let’s hope the Mayor can bang heads together at the council (unless there are other plans afoot!)

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