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Smigiel Shock – SKPL will refuse new terms

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Will the Smigiel workshops become the site of a petrol station?
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Yesterday (14 September) SKPL, the railway society responsible for operating the Smigiel railway, received a letter from the Smigiel Town Council proposing a change in the Society’s operating licence. Under the new terms, SKPL would become responsible for the payment of rates and other local taxes amounting to some 40,000 PLN (approximately £8,500) per annum. Up to now PKP, the Polish State Railway Company, was – in theory – responsible for payment of local taxes. In practice, in such cases PKP does not usually make any payments, but lets its local tax debt accumulate. Then when PKP transfers the railway land to the local authority it negotiates a ‘debt forgiveness’ agreement and the slate is wiped clean.

Until very recently, PKP was still the owner of the Smigiel Railway land and responsible for the local taxes. Now the transfer formalities have been completed, Smigiel Town Council are the owners of the railway land and want to saddle SKPL with the rates bill!

The Smigiel Railway’s passenger services are used mostly by school children and are subsidized to the tune of some 100,000 PLN by the Wielkopolska provincial government. The provincial governor’s office has indicated that the Smigiel Railway would have received a larger subsidy if the Smigiel Town Council also provided some financial support to its railway. In spite of earlier promises, the Town Council have yet to make any contribution. Now, by saddling SKPL with a bill for local taxes, the Council are sequestering nearly half of the provincial government subsidy for themselves.

Cynics might conclude that the Town Council want to force SKPL out so that they can use the railway land for other purposes. SKPL held an emergency board meeting today and decided to inform the Town Council that they are unable to continue to operate the railway on the new terms. We understand that SKPL intends to run services until the end of the year.

It’s been a long time since we last asked our readers to write letters. If you agree with us that the Smigiel Railway should be saved. Please write to the Mayor of Smigiel and send a copy to us at: railfan [at] go2 [dot] pl

Please write to the Mayor at this address:

Wiktor Snela
Burmistrz Smigla
Urząd Miejski Smigla
pl. Wojska Polskiego 6
64-030 Smigiel


Thank you for your assistance.



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Photo BTWT.