52 injured on Lößnitzgrundbahn



The aftermath of a collision on the Radebeul-Radeburg railway on 13.09.2009. Photo ©MDR/Uwe Klost.

(Click photo to see more of Uwe Klost’s pictures of the accident on the www.mdr.de website)

52 people were injured, 4 seriously, when two trains collided on a preserved railway in Saxony in Germany on Saturday evening. An enhanced service was being operated the 750 mm gauge Radebeul-Radeburg railway to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the line between Moritzburg and Radebeul. After the accident all services on the line were suspended.

The accident involved 99 1789-9, one of the line’s modern 2-10-2T locomotives built in the 1950s and 20, a much older 0-8-0 locomotive. A preliminary inspection reveals major damage to the 0-8-0 and to the coaches it was hauling.

Around 250 people were riding on both trains on the single-track route. Police have started an investigation into the cause of the accident. According to police. the 52 injured included 7 children under the age of ten.

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