5th Chabowka Steam Gala


V Parowozjazda, 4 – 5 September

V_Parowozjada2009 383

Pt47-65. Photo ©Robert Dylewski

V_Parowozjada2009 339

Ol12-7. Photo ©Robert Dylewski

V_Parowozjada2009 421

Ty2-953. Photo ©Robert Dylewski

More of Robert Dylewski’s photos of this year’s Chabowka Gala can be seen on the Fundacja Era Parowozow website.

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4 Responses to “5th Chabowka Steam Gala”

  1. Rik degruyter Says:

    Congratulations, Chabówka !

    The fifth edition of the Prowozjada was a small but complete programme that filled both days. Every possible show element was used : special trains to Dobra (wich was not reached because of rain and overgrown track above Mszana Dolna) and to Zakopane, VIP-train from Kraków, steam parade within the premises of the steam depot, steam locomotive competition won by Wolsztyn’s Pt47-65, train stock show, cab rides on Tkh47-100 and finally photostop trains on Sunday along the line to Nowy Sacz. No visitor or train enthousiast that could complain.

    I did not hear any foreign language although I have met Jim Colley from EE Railtours.

    The future is still uncertain, but lady Grazyna Sisiak, direktor of the Chabówka Skansen promised a new edition next year.

    • dyspozytor Says:

      Hi Rik, I was told this morning that you and Jim Colley were at Chabowka. There’s not much that goes on in the Polish railway scene that doesn’t appear on my radar sooner or later! If it was up to Grazyna Sysiak then Parowozjazda would take place ever year for ever. Sadly, Grazyna is not a PKP director, but just a manager. Although she runs the skansen and keeps the engines running her bosses did not even see fit to introduce her to the various VIPs who attended the event! PKP is trying to pass the skansen to the provincial government, but there are some serious legal obstacles that must be sorted out first and that will take some time.

  2. Rik degruyter Says:

    It will certainly be a difficult exercise to pass the skansen to the provincial government. These days some of the drivers have already chosen to take up a job at Przewoze Regionalne (regional railways) and are not available anymore for duty on the steam locomotives.
    The other problem is : who (with some railway experience) will run the skansen to at least today’s quality level ? After 25 years involvement in Stoomcentrum Maldegem as secretary & treasurer I know exactly how difficult it is to run a small steam railway (only 10 km – 7 miles). Mainline running happens to be very money consuming apart from other problems like driver’s and guard’s licences, rolling stock survey and maintenance, insurances, etc.
    On the other hand it will be possible to apply for (european) grants. I will be interested to set up cooperation if time comes.

    • dyspozytor Says:

      Apart from the legal problems which I think can be solved, the main challenge with Chabowka will be to ensure that the provincial governor takes on Mrs Sysiak and a core group of fitters as well as the site and the locomotives. As far as its management when it goes ‘independent’, I suppose we could always put together a consortium and make a bid to manage it privately a la Mulhouse!

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