SKPL take over Czempin – Srem freight



September 1, 10:00 hrs. SLPL runs onto PKP PLK tracks to collect its train. Photo SKPL.


The inaugural train arrives at Srem. Photo SKPL.

On 1st September, the inaugural run took place of the first SKPL operated Czempin – Srem freight service. SKPL are interested in developing the service and are looking for ideas to make the line attractive for tourists. The possibility of running steam-hauled freight trains and mixed trains is being investigated. Anybody with a standard gauge steam engine looking for real trains to haul need look no further!

4 Responses to “SKPL take over Czempin – Srem freight”

  1. Robert Hall Says:

    Perhaps I’m just dense — but I’d been under the impression (BTWT post of 6/12/08; confirmed by news item in “Lok Report”) that the handover PKP — SKPL re freight on the Czempin — Srem line, had been “signed, sealed and concluded” w.e.f 4/12/08. Was that merely “notional”; and in fact PKP continued actually physically to work the line, until 1/9/09? Clarification would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Robert Hall Says:

    Poland is a delightful country; but is as sure as hell, a confusing one…

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