Polish engineering quality



Another narrowboat nearing completion, 1000 miles from Braunston!

Apologies for our non-appearance yesterday. The campaign to save the Railway Museum in Warsaw is still absorbing a huge amount of resources. You may ask, ‘what campaign?’ as we have not yet published names and addresses to whom letters should be sent. This is not an oversight, but deliberate. At present our colleagues in the British-Polish Railway and Industrial Partnership are concentrating on asking the major international organisations concerned with with industrial and railway heritage to write directly to the relevant Ministers. We want to ensure that each of these letters receives the minister’s individual attention and is not filed away with hundreds of similar communications. The follow up will be to send as many letters from individuals as possible, but not just yet.

Engineering quality

Yesterday afternoon was spent visiting a boatyard in the middle of Poland that produces dutch barges and narrowboats. The engineering quality is superb and the timescales are impressive – 6 months from order being placed to delivery for a ‘one off’; and  an amazing 3 months, if ordering a standard ‘off the shelf’ design. Prices are not that cheap, but are competitive with UK yards. The owner estimates that of the 900 narrowboats produced each year for Britain’s canals, nearly one third are being built in Poland!


Pleszew Railway’s Lyd1-255

For those BTWT readers who are not interested in narrowboats here are some photographs of the Pleszew’s railway’s Lyd1-255 which has acquired a new livery following a general overhaul. The locomotive was returned to traffic on 19 August.


Do drop me a line if you would like to order a narrowboat, a refurbished Lyd1 may be more difficult to arrange!


One Response to “Polish engineering quality”

  1. Geoff Jenkins Says:

    It is interesting to hear that the Pleszew Lyd1 has been overhauled and repainted. What is it being used for? Are tourist trains being run to order from time to time? I thought that the scheduled passenger service had faded away.

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