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Farewell Tooum!

Monday, 3 March 2008

Faithful readers of Behind the Watertower trying to access the blog have been wondering about the strange error message that has been displayed during the last couple days. Has Dyspozytor been finally disposed off by the dark forces which rule the Polish rail world? Well this time, at least, the answer is more mundane, in an attempt to titivate the heading, I seem to have brought down the entire blog. Attempts to log on result in a an error message to the effect that there is no such user. E-mails asking for assistance met with no response. There were other problems with our old host, Tooum.net, that I won’t bore you with. Finally, I decided that, while we have only 30 or so regular readers, it won’t be too painful if we collectively take the plunge and move to a another host. WordPress, is mature, stable and very easy to update and edit. My apologies to all for the inconvenience. I look forward to delivering a much more reliable service on the new host.

If you have any Polish railway news or comments (or even exciting railway happenings from further afield) please feel free to write. Dyspozytor can be reached at railfan(at)go2.pl (don’t forget to replace the ‘(at)’ with a ‘@’).

Best wishes,


I thought I would celebrate passing the milestone of our 500th post by reproducing the first ever article that we published on our WordPress host. BTWT did have a brief existence on Tooum.net for a couple of months earlier, but thankfully we made the move to wordpress.com before too much material could be lost when Tooum vanished into a black hole.

I see from our archives that during our first week in March 2008 we launched our campaign to rescue the Krosniewice Railway and reported on the plight of the locomotives and rolling stock that had been stored in the so-called ‘skansen’ at Krzeszowice.

Today, we are heavily involved in the campaign to save the collection in the care of the Railway Museum in Warsaw. The Krosniewice Railway remains closed and much of the surviving Krzeszowice stock is rusting in sidings at Krakow Plaszow. In Poland, some things never change.

For those who count such things we have also just passed 132,000 hits!

Best wishes


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