65 Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising


The Warsaw Uprising 1944 / Powstanie Warszawskie.
Video by Rogvist

At 17:00 on 1st August 1944 the Warsaw Uprising began. That evening the AK, the Polish Home Army, liberated Praga Railway Station and several other key objectives. With no outside assistance (while the Germans slaughtered the Varsovians, the Soviet army waited outside the capital and Stalin banned any allied flights from Soviet-controlled air space) the Home Army managed to hold out against the Germans until October 2.

After the war all mention of the Uprising was strictly taboo in communist-controlled Poland. A friend, who set up a committee to build a monument to the Uprising, was poisoned, his committee was dissolved and its funds were seized by the authorities.

Today it is possible to discuss the Uprising openly. Michael Dembinski’s posts on W-wa Jeziorski (see links below) are better than anything I could add. For anyone looking for in-depth coverage there is no better source than Norman Davies’s definitive study, Rising ’44.


    W-wa Jeziorki:

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