Chabowka Gala to go ahead



Preserved Tr12-25 at the 2007 Parowozjazda in Raba Zaryte

The board of PKP Cargo have decided to go ahead with this year’s Parowozjazda, the Chabowka Steam Gala, which will take place on Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 September.

This year’s Parowozjazda will – unlike previous galas – will take place entirely within the confines of of the Chabowka Skansen. On Saturday 5 September, special vintage trains will bring guests from Krakow Glowny, Zakopany and Mszana Dolna. It is likely that the first of these will be operated by a vintage electric locomotive and that the others will be steam-hauled. The train from Mszana Dolna will be the only special train operating on the Chabowka – Nowy Sacz line this year.

The following locomotives are planned to be in steam: Ol12-7, Ty2-911, Ty2-953, TKt48-191, TKh49-1, Pt47-65 (Wolsztyn), Tr5-65 (Wolsztyn). This year, as well as the usual PKP steam gala attractions, a welcome addition will be conducted tours round the workshop and the possibility of seeing some of the equipment in action.

Our friends in the British-Polish Railway and Industrial Heritage Partnership are organising a study visit to Poland for a ‘long weekend’ from 3 to 7 September to include the Chabowka Steam Gala, and the Bytom, Przeworsk and Bieszczady Railways. Most of the travel in Poland will by train. If you are interested in going let us know.

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2 Responses to “Chabowka Gala to go ahead”

  1. Jim Colley Says:

    This trip based on Zagorz immediately follows the Plandampf Polska at Wolsztyn,but using different loco types with retro passenger and freight cars.
    Date is 12th to 15th October 2009.
    Ty2 and Ol12 Class will double head a mixed train from Krakow to Zagorz-and return.Runpasts on lines to Krosienko and Lupkow using various combinations of stock.Also hope to arrange an evening steam trip on Bieszczady NG line.Hotel accommodation at Sanok for 3 nights.
    Organised at short notice in case of the demise of Chabowka skansen which Cargo are trying to offload.Probably last ever steam tour possible in this part of Poland. Price £450 pp Krakow back to Krakow.
    Plese express your interest urgently to or fax +441299861058. Tel: +441299861529. Time is short!-Jim Colley.

    Tender locos are no longer allowed to proceed past Mzana Dolna on the Chabowka-Nowy Sacz line.Only steam loco allowed is the Tkt,which does not have the water capacity to go right through,unless some arrangement is made with a local fire dept to fill it somewhere-which adds to cost.
    The retro Diesel Railcar is only other motive power allowed,so does not look good.Does anyone know the reason for this sudden restriction.

  2. Rik degruyter Says:

    I discovered last year that the water facility at Dobre k/ Limanowej was removed.

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