Give me more pocket money,


or I’ll smash my trainset!


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PKP Intercity have told the Ministry of Infrastructure that if they do not receive an additional 60m PLN subsidy (12.2m GBP), 40 pospieszny trains will be axed.

The Pospieszny train business were acquired by PKP IC  when PKP Przewozy Regionalne was split into two. The local train business was transferred to a consortium of provincial governments. The long-distance trains were handed over to PKP IC. InterCity says that it is making thumping loss and must have a subsidy to keep the trains running.

However, there’s more to PKP IC’s temper tantrum than meets the eye. PKP PR recently launched its InterRegio long distance trains. Together with the new trains is a whole range of attractive new promotions. Perhaps PKP IC hopes that this encroachment on territory it regards as its own could be stopped? InterCity would be much happier if it had the whole of Poland’s long-distance passenger train business just to itself.

One Response to “Give me more pocket money,”

  1. Michael Says:

    Given that in some cases, the Pospieszny trains are actually worse value (more expensive and slower) than InterRegio – I’m not surprised that Intercity are demanding extra subsidies in order to run the trains.

    But this whole situation is a mess – what with the admission that InterRegio is likely to lose money, this just means that the provinces will end up competing with central government on train services – and who funds the provinces?

    The most sensible solution should have been to retain PKP IC as a luxury operator and PKP PR as a cheaper option. Rebrand the long distance Pospieszny trains as TLK, cull the pointless routes (or let PKP PR run them as IR) and let IC actually run as a genuine, decent, Intercity connection.

    Having said all this, my feeling is that Pospieszny trains are like a red-headed step child – no-one wants it!

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