Belgian loco cut up in Lodz



The remains of No. 14486

(Photo Kpt. Nemo, Forum Modelarzy Kolejowych. Click to see more pictures.)

FMK (Railway Modelling Forum) reports the cutting up of yet another Polish steam engine. 14486 was not a very well known locomotive. Its history was obscure and the details of its demise are not clear. Yet it had a unique provenance and deserved better than being cut up by oxy acetylene torch.

The documented history of the locomotive starts in 1955 when it emerged as works number 14486 from ZNKT Wroclaw. It was then a fireless 0-6-0 locomotive. It is recorded as first working at the Kopalnia Wegla Kamiennego Debiensko coal mine and then at the prefabricated concrete factory, Prefabet in Lodz. A photo on the pages of the Lodzki Klub Modelarzy Kolejowych shows the loco being charged with steam in August 2007.

Some time later the loco was sold and an attempt was made to cut up the steam reservoir. This was stopped and the locomotive became listed as a ‘historic monument’. The ownership of the loco appears to have changed again. On 9 July 2009 a new thread appeared on the FMK discussion group showing three photographs of the newly cut up remains. The subject was picked up by the Parowozy z Wolsztyna discussion group from which it appears that the owner was unaware that his locomotive was being cut up!

The details of 14486 sad demise are almost as obscure as the locomotive’s birth. For although we know that the engine’s last incarnation as a fireless locomotive started in 1955, that is not the beginning of its history. ZNKT built their locomotive on the frame of a Belgian 0-6-0T locomotive built in 1898.

The ease with Poland’ industrial heritage is being destroyed is obscene.

For a photographic history of 14486 see Tomislaw Czarnecki’s excellent database, Wciaz pod Para:

3 Responses to “Belgian loco cut up in Lodz”

  1. Rik degruyter Says:

    Szkoda !!!

  2. Phil Says:

    What an incredible looking machine.

  3. Robert Hall Says:

    Truly, fascinating pictures. There was an item in “Lok Report” a few years ago, concerning another two fireless-loco conversions by ZNTK of Wroclaw. Reading between the lines there and here, it would seem that a considerable number of such rebuildings were done by ZNTK around the mid-1950s – would be interesting to know in fact, how many.

    The Lok Report item seems to imply that favourite targets for this treatment, were ex-Prussian classes T9.3 2-6-0T, and G8.1 0-8-0 – but with this post’s 14486 (TKpb-3) having been originally a Belgian loco, it appears that these rebuildings may have happened to an assortment of types. LR item (including a picture, which unfortunately I’m not in a position to transmit to BTWT – pic only a photocopy from magazine original anyway) tells of the two locos concerned – respectively Tki3b-48 and TKh4b-9, both looking outwardly similar to “our” machine – being / having been the last surviving examples thus rebuilt as firelesses, of the respective classes..

    If my understanding of the text is correct: the two locos spent years dumped OOU at the briquette factory at Marantow near Konin. Frames and running gear of TKi3b-48 have been acquired by Museumseisenbahn Minden, for ultimate restoration (in T9.3, or fireless-conversion, form? Not clear, at least to me). What has become of TKh4b-9, seems unknown. If anyone knows more…

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