Buses to replace trains on line 25


Tomaszow Mazowiecki – Skarzysko Kamienna


Tomaszow –  Skarzysko section of Line 25. Map PKP SA

(Click on the map to see the enlarged original. Click here to go the the PKP map index.)

PKP Przewozy Rejonalne will discontinue its osobowy (stopping passenger) trains on the section of line 25 from Tomaszow Mazowiecki  to Skarzysko Kamienna from 1 August. Our crystal ball shows the Opoczno – Skarzysko – Kamienna section being abandoned altogether; Tomaszow – Opoczno being worked as a long siding, servicing factories in Opoczno; and through freight services by-passing the non electrified section of line 25 (Tomaszow Maz – Skarzysko Kamienna) via line 22 and line 8.

The following trains will cease to run:

• 22221 – Opoczno dep. 05.21 – Skarzysko Kamienna arr. 6.47
• 12147 – Tomaszow Maz. dep. 15.11 – Skarżysko Kam. arr. 17.01
• 22147 – Tomaszów Maz. dep. 19.40 – Opoczno arr. 20.11
• 21144 – Skarżysko Kam. dep. 05.07 – Tomaszow Maz. arr. 7.05
• 21148 – Skarżysko Kam. dep. 14.09 – Tomaszow Maz. arr. 16.17

PKP will be running running a Kolejowa Komunikacja Autobusowa (KKA) replacement bus service on the section Tomaszow Mazowiecki – Opoczno. In the villages: Jeleń, Szadkowice, Słomianka the buses will stop some distance from the former railway stations. A (timetable is available as a pdf download.

Line 25 (Lodz Kaliska – Debica) has already lost many of its passenger services. Particularly unfortunate is the case of Sandomierz where the station served a local population of some 35,000. Although Sandomierz is an important tourist destination and has a strategic railway junction, its local passenger services abolished as from the 2006/07 time table. Other line 25 stations, like Baranow Sandomierski, are being subject to death by a thousand cuts.

Try entering a journey from Lodz Kaliska to Baranow Sandomierski into the PKP on-line timetable. Both stations are on line 25. Lodz Kaliska is at the very beginning. Baranow Sandomerski is some 269 kilometres down the line. The fastest train journey shown lasts 11 hours 23 minutes, involves taking three trains and travelling via Koluszki and Katowice; the next fastest takes 11 hours 39 minutes, involves four trains and a bus and zig-zagging round Poland via Kutno and Lublin. In this way PKP maintains the fiction that places like Baranow Sandomierski (which incidentally has one of Poland’s prettiest palaces) – are still served by train.

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