Naleczow future rests on volunteers



Volunteers work on the track of the Naleczow Railway. Photo G. Sykut

Grzegorz Sykut reports that a meeting between supporters of the Naleczow Railway and representatives of the Opole Lubelskie District Council took place on 5 July. It was resolved that a new organisation be set up to coordinate volunteer work and run the railway in the future. The next step will be register the new body with the local court.

The photo shows Gregorz and two other volunteers replacing a sleepers. If you are interested in helping the revival of this railway Gregorz would be glad to hear from you. His e-mail is: gsykut [at] gmail [dot] com Remove spaces and convert “at” and “dot”.

One Response to “Naleczow future rests on volunteers”

  1. grzegorz_sykut Says:

    On the photo is (from left side) Paweł (Łowca) our volunteer from Warsaw, Dariusz Podsiadły – local volunteer authority from Opole and Przemek (Paweł’s brother). I’m not on the photo becouse I took this picture.

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