Tunnel Vision official launch



Time to split – BTWT reaches 10,717 cumulative daily hits in a month

When Behind the Water Tower launched in early 2008, my intention was to run a blog for a specialist group – those English speaking railfans who were interested in railway developments in Poland. BTWT was to be a campaigning platform with readers prepared to pick up the cudgels and lobby reluctant Polish officials who were allowing Polish railway heritage to crumble into dust and condemning historic railway rolling stock to the scrapman’s torch. In this were were successful and many of our readers have joined in our letter writing campaigns on behalf of such worthy causes as the Krosniewice Railway or Koscierzyna Motive Power Depot.

Like many blogs before it, BTWT has suffered from a degree of mission creep. Much of Poland’s railway restructuring has been guided by the same pressure groups that influenced Marsham Street officials during the privatisation of Britain’s railways. So BTWT also featured some UK railway news and analysis and gradually this part of our blog developed a life of its own. While some readers were happy with the eclectic mix, other were decidedly less so. As our readership extended (We are on the blogroll of the Chief Executive of British Chamber of Commerce!) so did our responsibilities. Imagine coming to work in the marketing department of DB and clicking on BTWT – hoping to read the latest Polish rail news – only to see an article extolling the virtues of Greenford. So, in a month when for the first time BTWT has received over 10,000 cumulative daily hits, it is time to give the UK railway news and analysis part of BTWT its own platform – Tunnel Vision. TV will be looking to establish its own niche independently of BTWT, but the two blogs will provide links to each others articles.

TV’s mission is to provide critical analysis of the decision making and background thinking that got Britain’s railways into such a mess. TV will also be a platform for the best ideas to move forward from here. During last month TV was in beta mode with UK related articles still being published in BTWT and cross posted in TV. This article is the last to be cross-posted on both blogs. From today, all UK articles will appear exclusively in TV, unless they have a direct bearing on railway development in Poland. Finally a big “thank you” to all who helped make BTWT a success: our readers, our contributors, our sources, our sponsors and last, but by no means least, all those who included BTWT on their blogrolls or posted links on their blogs. A special thank you is due to ace UK railway blogger, the ‘Fact Compiler’, who was the first to add TV to his (her?) blogroll on Railway Eye and who generously linked to many of our articles on BTWT.


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