New Polish loco record – 146 mph



Siemens Eurosprinter ES64U4 in PKP InterCity colours
Photo M. Starczewska, Kurier PKP

During trials carried out by the Centrum Naukowo-Techniczne Kolejnictwa, the Polish Railway Research and Technology Centre, a train consisting of two Siemens Eurosprinter ES64U4 locomotives – one at each end – and three Z1A coaches reached 235 km/h – a record for a locomotive hauled trains in Poland. The trials were carried out on the nights of 27/28 and 28/29 May at a time when no other trains were running on track 1 on the CMK line between between Psary and Gora Wlodowska. They were part of the homologation process necessary before the locomotive can be granted type approval by the Polish railway regulator, Urzad Transportu Kolejowego, the Office of Railway Transport. On the first night, the train reached 210 km/hour, on the second, 235 km/h (146 mph). The locos as delivered to Poland would seem to be speed governed as the driver reported that at top speed the power appeared to be cutting out.

The Eurosprinters delivered to Austria are not so inhibited. The world’s fastest locomotive is now Eurosprinter 1216 050-5, a multi-system locomotive owned by Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). It reached a record speed of 357 km/h (222 mph) on the new Ingolstadt – Nuremberg line.

The top speed ever achieved by a train in Poland is 250.1 km/h (155mph) achieved by a Pendolino ETR 460 multiple unit in 1994. That record run took place near Biala Rawaska also on the CMK.

Polish TV news reports the record.

2 Responses to “New Polish loco record – 146 mph”

  1. Michael Dembinski Says:

    Two engines at the front, two at the rear?

    Psarami? (Psary, surely)

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