Museum Model Shop to close



Model maker at work. Photo Muzeum Kolejnictwa.

The Warsaw Railway Museum’s model workshop at Jelenia Gora is to close when its last orders are fulfilled. At its peak the workshop employed 30 people, making large scale models of historical rolling stock. A large scale model locomotive would usually take a model maker one year to construct. Janusz Sankowski, who filled the post of museum director for many years, cared little for full sized exhibits, and once famously told Fedecrail President, David Morgan, that the future for railway museums lay in displaying models of historic railway exhibits.

Negotiations between PKP Estates Department – who want to clear the museum site for redevelopment – and the Office of the Governor of Mazowsze Province – who own the museum’s exhibits – are currently deadlocked. Until matters are resolved the museum’s priceless collection of historical railway exhibits continue to deteriorate in the open.

Ferdynand Ruszczyc, the Museum’s current Director, would be interested in receiving offers from anyone interested in taking over the workshop as a going concern. Contact details for the museum’s management team are available here.


5 Responses to “Museum Model Shop to close”

  1. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    Yet another example of how Poles cannot quite get to grips with the capitalist system. Why they cannot make a concern like this pay is beyond me as there are plenty people who could commision models from this company and enable it to pay its way.

    I am sure there would be a market for ready built O gauge from kits that this concern could very ably fill. They just don’t seem to see any other way other than the way they do things now.

    I may have some ideas that could help but the fact that it is all in Polish is a bit of a problem.

    • dyspozytor Says:

      This ‘getting to grips to capitalism’ is not just a problem is not just a Polish problem. The ex East Germans have similar difficulties, though their transition has been eased by large government grants. Poles had a dose of economic shock therapy which punished the weakest, but left many incompetent managers in place particularly in PKP and its derivatives. The British “know how fund” was supposed to help Poland in this respect, but was wrapped up before it could address the real problems.

      The Warsaw Railway Museum does not want ideas on how to make the model shop profitable. They just want someone to take it off their hands, lock stock and barrel.

  2. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    Do you think Pete Waterman would be interested? It may be right up his alley as he has a model kit business at the moment.

    Incompetent mamgers are everywhere. It isn’t WHAT you know it is WHO you know!

    There may be the beginnings of a model business there if you know the price they want?

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