Przeworsk pictures



The 11.15 special from Przeworsk to Dynow on 23.6.2009

Apologies for the break in posting, the last few days involved quite a bit of travelling around Poland. I hope the material that I brought back is some compensation. Today’s pictures were taken yesterday and are from a trip on a special train on the Przeworsk Railway – an ex PKP narrow gauge in Lower Carpathia that runs through scenery very reminiscent of North Wales. Parts of the line have a decided resemblance to the Welshpool and Llanfair Railway!


After several days heavy rain it is clear that culverts are due for clearing and new ditches need to be laid.

Although the ride is smoother than on the Smigiel line, the permanent way needs work in a lot of places. If any platelayers out there are wondering what to do now that the WHR track laying has been completed, the General Manager of the Przeworsk Railway would welcome you with open arms.


Retired goods wagons at Jawornik Polski

Remember the last competition. The picture of the retired goods wagons (taken from the other side) stumped everybody!


One of several WHR-like reverse curves

The line climbs the side of a valley and features some stunning landscape views. There are many viaducts and Poland’s only narrow gauge railway tunnel.


The fine station building at Dynow is still in good shape.

There were orginally plans to extend the line to the South along the valley of the River San to Sanok. Sadly these came to naught. Had they come to fruition the line would have been more prosperous and Dynow would have been an important half-way station. The line’s raison d’etre was the sugar refinery at Przeworsk. Now with the refinery closed the railway runs a Sunday tourist service during the holiday season plus special trains on demand and a very occasional freight service.

(All the pictures can be clicked to see an enlarged view. The Jawornik Polski picture can be double clicked to obtain a wallpaper sized picture.)

One Response to “Przeworsk pictures”

  1. Robert Hall Says:

    From the pics, a most attractive line. With Poland’s peculiar (in both senses) topography, one suspects this to be the only ex-PKP narrow gauge section far enough south to run through scenically hilly country, with “acrobatics” to match.

    If I’m right, wasn’t this line initially one of the first PKP narrow gauge sections to be totally dieselised (mid-1970s) — but some years later, steam was reinstated for a while — not as tourist-and-gricer-bait, just what was seen as expedient?

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