PKP’s internal focus



PKP Przewozy Regionalne ‘fast service’ ticket office in Lodz

Polskie Koleje Panstwowe S.A. (the PKP holding company), PKP Intercity (PKP’s long distance services operator) and the local authority owned operating company, Przewozy Regionalne (Regional services), have signed an agreement regarding the operation of their ticket offices at 19 stations. Passengers will be able to continue buying PKP Intercity tickets from Przewozow Regionalnych ticket counters and vice versa.

Six months after the handover of PR’s long-distance services to IC, this “breakthrough” merits a press release all of its own. Yet, in any customer-focussed railway, the details of the new ticketing arrangements would have been worked out before the split. It is a ‘no-brainer’ that the new arrangements should have included the ability for PR ticket holding passengers to painlessly trade up to IC services and for IC tickets to be accepted on the cheaper PR services.


Dyspozytor found his credit card voucher and managed to get a refund for his unused PR-issued IC ticket after all!

One Response to “PKP’s internal focus”

  1. Macowiec Says:

    Just how much faster is that SZOP window? At my local station the SZOP window is usually closed!

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