Starachowice railway gets 2.8 m PLN.



Starachowice Railway – The Southern section.
Map Google Maps and Baza Kolejowa

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Two and a half kilometres of missing tracks – stolen by scrap thieves – are to be relaid between Marcule and Lubienia on the Starachowice narrow gauge railway thanks to a 2.8 m EU-funded project. This section of line lies in Mazowia Province and the office of the provincial governor Adam Struzik has agreed to make the cash available from the Regional Operating Programme funds.

The line is in the process of being taken over by the Starachowice District Council. 85,000 PLN towards the required ‘own funds’ component will be provided by the Council with another 341,000 PLN being coming from the budget of the provincial council.

The District Council – the custodians of the line – have our congratulations for progressing with the restoration of the railway and not waiting for negotiations for their takeover of the railway land from PKP to be completed. When this section of line is completed a further 3.5 km of track will remain to be relaid on the next section – from Lubienia to Lipie which lies in Swietokrzyski Province. The Council are already negotiating for a slice of the Swietokrzyskie RPO funds and provincial governor, Adam Jarubas, is reported to be well-disposed to the project.

The success of the Swietokrzyskie Railway project is due to the work of lot of people. The current operator – the line’s third – is the Upper Silesia Railway Society. Much credit is due to members of the Polish Narrow Gauge Railway Association (FPKW) who worked hard to persuaded the Starachowice District Council to take over the line, carried out much of the initial restoration work on the line and introduced tourist services on both ends of the railway.

Starachowice District Council’s enthusiasm for the line has has increased considerably since those early days. Currently, Krzystof Niedopytalski – responsible for the Council’s Culture, Promotion and Developmnt Department – is very much in the driving seat of new developments. His long-term plan is to connect the line with the Wielki Piec steelworks museum at the other end of the town.

For an interactive map of the line and the iron ore narrow gauge railways which preceded it click here, and then click again on the phrase, “kliknij aby przejść do mapy”.

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  1. Rik Degruyter Says:

    What a boost ! Wolsztyn, wake up !!!

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