Competition 3 – We have a WINNER!


Competition 3 is now CLOSED.


A widescreen view of  ‘Competition 3 – Tiebreaker A’
Composite from two photos in BTWT archives

(Clich to enlarge.)

Shortly after midnight last night John Hyde – who already held three points – made a number of bold moves which brought him one more deciding point and victory in our third competition. Congratulations John!

John’s first post related to ‘Tiebreaker B’. John suggested Przeworsk yard. However, while the Przeworsk line as a whole runs through hilly terrain (and has Poland’s only narrow gauge tunnel) the area around Przeworsk itself is flat and lacks the hills that are visible in the back of the picture. But there are no penalty points for a bad guess so John was still in with a chance. John’s next move 12 minutes later was to go back to ‘Tiebreaker A’ and tentatively ask, Is it Southall? Finally 8 minutes later still John had decided and made the winning post, In fact I’m convinced its Southall.

I’m off to Warsaw early tomorrow morning so a detailed post mortem analysis of the Competition and the clues that were embedded in a few innocent looking articles will have to wait!


One Response to “Competition 3 – We have a WINNER!”

  1. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    Congratulations John. The only bit I managed to decipher was the Quaker Oat Factory in the background and it was a friend who said that the roundel looked like the picture that is still on their products today, but I didn’t recognise Southall. Once I get the funds to Dyspozytor you will get your Zubrowka!

    It is probably just as well that I didn’t get any of the photos this time if I am providing the prize, but I will try next time!

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