Ty2-1226 for £17,500



Ty2-1226 at Tluszcz in 2006

PKP’s Estates Company, PKP Nieruchomosci, are offering ‘Kriegslok’ Ty2-1226 for sale by tender. The locomotive, works number 12524 was built by Maschinenbau-Actien-Gesellschaft (BMAG), in Berlin.The locomotive was withdrawn from the active stock list in Febuary 1991 and served for several years as a stationary boiler at Tluszcz. It is in ‘ex-Barry’ condition.

Tender documentation can be requested by e-mail from PKP Nieruchomosci at: wwa.mienie5@pkp   Further information can be obtained from Bogdan Rozycki (Roo-jy-tzki) tel. 022-47-458-93 between 08.00 – 14.00 hrs. Offers have to be submitted by 09.30 hrs on 23 June 2009. There is an indicative price of 91.830,00 PLN. Tenders have to be accompanied by a 10% deposit.


2 Responses to “Ty2-1226 for £17,500”

  1. Rik Degruyter Says:

    This is ridiculous! Are they selling gold nuggets? Is the scrap price that high? Transport? Missing parts?

  2. john Says:

    I was offered a mechanically complete, and under cover stored tkt48 for 25,000 Euros two years ago..and I was advised that price then was a rip off.

    and I was offered an ol49 in this condition for 4,000 Euros two years ago..

    Why would anyone pay that for this ?

    Having seen this close up it’s a wreck and the boiler is very poor condition, (I recall the firebox being scrap) having been used outside as a heating unit for years then dumped for years.

    I hope the price includes recovery of missing parts at the very least !

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