Competition 3 – tiebreaker B



Forest narrow gauge railway, but where?

Nobody identified the location of the last tie breaker! I have spent half of today applying to become a Member of Network Rail and the other half sorting out a dusty suitcase of railway photographs. What a strange collection? Who else, I wonder, would keep photos of steam engines in the Gdansk shipyard mixed up with shots illegally griced at Willesden MPD? Or Southall Shed and Szczecin? Or Feltham Depot and a Forest Railway somewhere in Poland?

Which brings me to today’s mystery photograph. One of the bonuses of being an advocate of railway revival is that sometime your co-workers give you copies of their photographs. But in the case of the photo above and its companions, I forgot to take a note of the location and I have lost touch with the photographer. Do you know where the above photo was taken? And can you prove it? It’s a tie-breaker so there is only point. Good luck!

Gavin Whitelaw, who has his own website of amazing photographs, called Vintage Britain has kindly offered to fund a prize for the winner – a bottle of Zubrowka, Bison Grass Vodka.

Good luck!


5 Responses to “Competition 3 – tiebreaker B”

  1. grzegorz_sykut Says:

    In my opinion it is Bieszczadzka Forest Narrow Gauge Railway, depot in Majdan?
    I can see Px48 in front of depot. Most forest railway was 600mm and Px48 was not built on this size of railway. Is it?

  2. grzegorz_sykut Says:

    What about my reply? Is it Bieszczadzka Forest Railway?

  3. john hyde Says:


    thats not easy, but i’ll suggest Przeworsk yard as ive been there a few times and it looks similar, i dont have a picture to back it up.

    The mainline is to the right, and theres a loading bay in between (see the crane) which I believe is still there today.

  4. Lithandra Says:

    I have just found you the web, so I am not sure whether the correct answer has been given. It seems to me like part of the depot in Elk (German ‘Lyck’). I will try to compare it to my pictures from 1998 when I am back at home.

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