Ostroleka-Lapy revival



The Ostroleka-Lapy line waits for a new future. Map Google Maps / Baza Kolejow

(Click to go the the Baza Kolejowa historical railway map of Poland.)

After three years of discussions, meetings and investigations, the takeover by local government of the Ostroleka-Lapy line looks set to go ahead. BTWT has been informed by a reliable source that Krzysztof Kozicki, the Starosta (Chief Executive) of Lomza District Council, is about to make a formal application to PKP for the transfer of the Ostrolka – Sniadow section of the line including the branch to Lomza, At the same time, Jozef Zajkowski, the Wojt (Chief Executive) of Sokoly Parish Council, is applying for the transfer of the Sniadow – Lapy section. Kozicki is interested in re-establishing a commuter serviceto Warsaw. Zajkowski wants to safeguard his freight services and to exploit the line’s tourist potential.

If all goes well the result will be a standard gauge line, ‘preserved’ Polish style, within 60 miles radius of Warsaw. Steam specials or footplate trips anyone?

2 Responses to “Ostroleka-Lapy revival”

  1. Robert Hall Says:

    In the midst of what is overall a depressing picture; any move in the direction of revival of lines in Poland under local management, always gives some grounds for hope — albeit such initiatives seem to fall through, more often than not.

    If only part of the “package” here, could include a bit of the one-time 600 mm gauge system based on Myszyniec, linking with the standard gauge at Lomza, and at Grabowo a little way west of Ostroleka; but alas, that disappeared some 35 years ago. From the few pictures of it that I’ve seen, it looks enchanting.

    • dyspozytor Says:

      Ah yes. I remember seeing the Myszyniecka Kolej Wąskotorowa on maps, but alas never had a chance to see it. There’s a little about the line (in Polish) and a map on the FPKW website here.

      Regarding the Lapy – Ostroleka revival. I know some of the people involved (and have played a minor role myself). I give it five!

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