Time to split!


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Our new blog.

BTWT has had a phenomenal 14 months. Reaching a cumulative daily total of 108,000 hits is quite an amazing achievement for a first-time blog, and at one moment our readership growth was actually outstripping that of Tom Harris’s And Another Thing, one of the most candid and interesting blogs published by a member of parliament.

However, over the last 5 months our monthly totals have been hovering steadily at a few hundred over the 9,000 mark, and it has become clear that, if we want to go further, something has to change. We have a core readership of some 300 readers who enjoy the juxtaposition of English and Polish railway news and see nothing strange in reading about what that the deputy mayor of Smigiel said to Howard Jones one day and what the former minister said to Gordon Brown the next. However, we see our future growth coming from two distinct groups: those who are actively interested in Poland, including the country’s railways; those who are interested in why the UK’s railways are in such a mess, and would like to do something about it.

Starting 14 June, we will be publishing a sister blog, Tunnel Vision, to cover rail developments in the UK. Like its parent, Tunnel Vision will be a campaigning blog. It will disect government transport policy and showcase local efforts to open new rail links and improve rail services. We will write about what tactics have worked in one part of the country with a view to other groups reusing proven-to-work methods elsewhere. Meanwhile BTWT will sharpen its focus on Poland and carry more news stories.

Until 1st July, both blogs will carry UK articles, after this date BTWT will have a primarily Polish focus. (One is reminded of how the Metropolitan Railway and the Metropolitan and District Railways built parallel tracks until they came to an agreement over running rights!). Tunnel Vision is beta testing right now. If you would like to help us give it a final polish, please drop me an e-mail at railfan [at] go2 [dot] pl. Do not forget to remove the spaces!


5 Responses to “Time to split!”

  1. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    Good idea – MORE Polish news please! :-)

    • dyspozytor Says:

      I do take account of your comments! There will be more Polish news, BTWT itself will be 90% about Poland and the articles will be shorter and snappier.

  2. Geoff Jenkins Says:

    Sounds good to me! Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up to date with what’s happening in Poland without having to wade through articles about Greenford.

  3. Michael Dembinski Says:

    Dyspozytor –

    I’ve always secretly suspected that you are the reincarnation of Edward Watkin, Chairman of the Great Central Railway. This move is only strengthening these suspicions!


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