Strike mystery. Press silent.



Deserted platforms at Greenford station. Behind the bushes is the spur from the GWR mainline at Old Oak Common to the GW&GCJR extension from South Ruislip to High Wycombe. It is here that Dyspozytor used to see Kings and Castles speeding to Birmingham in the 1950s. Photo by Sunil060902.

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The reason for the tube strike paralysing London is something of a mystery. London Mayor Boris Johnson says,

It is utterly demented of the RMT leadership to proceed with this strike when two thirds of their members did not vote for it and when real progress had been made in the negotiations…

See Mayor’s statement.

Bob Crow RMT general secretary counters –

RMT negotiators spent all afternoon and early evening at ACAS putting together a deal which could have settled the dispute only for London Undergound to bring in lawyers at the last minute who pulled the rug from under a workable agreement…

See RMT press release.

Without more information it is difficult to make a judgement, the national press is generally hostile to the RMT and coy on their reasons for calling the strike. Some commentators have noted that Boris’s tactic of calling the RMT leaders ‘demented’ is a rather unusual dispute resolution procedure. Meanwhile there is some confusion as to what Londoners can do with their Oystercards. Hat tip to the Fact Compiler. TfL says,

Oyster pay as you go is being accepted on National Rail journeys in Greater London.

Only on certain routes…

reply the train operators. See below for a very informative thread.

More on the background to the strike. The link should work for seven days.

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