Could you help govern Network Rail?



Replacement of Leven Viaduct decking nearing completion. The £14 million project involved closing the twin viaduct for 16 weeks between March and July in 2006. While the closure may have been part of a prize-winning engineering solution, was the 4 month disruption to passengers given the appropriate weighting in Network Rail’s decision processes? Photo Network Rail.

(Click picture to link to Network Rail press release.)

Network Rail has started the search for up to 25 new public members. The task of members is to hold the Board to account for their management of the business and monitor their standards of corporate governance. The deadline for submitting applications is Friday 12 June. Given the scholarly debate that takes regularly takes place in our columns about railway investment and transport policy there are probably quite a few BTWT contributors who could add real value to Network Rail’s membership’s base.

We live in interesting times. Last year, after Network Rail engineering projects ran late and caused massive disruption to passengers, members forced through a resolution urging a review of Network Rail’s corporate governance. PricewaterhouseCoopers report concluded that as the Network Rail board appointed the ‘independent appointment panel’ that appointed Network Rail members the result was that ultimately the Network Rail board was only responsible to itself!

More on Network Rail corporate governance:

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