Competition 3 – tiebreaker A



An LMS ‘Jinty’ rests during its last journey. But where?

Competition No.3 draws gradually to a close. There have been a record number of entries. There are also a record number of entrants in joint first place! John Hyde was the only contestant to get both parts of ‘Mystery Picture 5’ plus the bonus question correct earning himself three points. However, J. M. Gold, David Roger and Gordon Dudman all got ‘Mystery Picture 6’ plus the bonus question right thus also earning themselves three points each. That leaves us with four entrants with three points each in joint first place!

So we are going to have a tie-breaker. There will be two photographs, one from the UK in the 60s another from the Polish narrow gauge in the 70s. This time there is just one point to be earned. All you need do is to identify the correct location.

For newcomers to Behind The Water Tower Competition No.3 is still open. You find all the previous questions, as well as some useful hints and tips, here.

3 Responses to “Competition 3 – tiebreaker A”

  1. J M Gold Says:


  2. john hyde Says:

    Is this Southall ?

  3. john hyde Says:

    in fact i’m convinced its southall

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