Rainy morning in Smigiel



Busy scene in Smigiel yard on a rainy morning on 29.06.2009 in preparation for running three trains in simultaneously! The newly refurbished Romanian railcar will form the service train to Stare Bojanowo while the Lxd2 will haul the second of the day’s two special trains to Wielichowo. All photos BTWT.

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Smigiel Town Council and PKP have completed the lengthy legal process of transferring the ownership of the line to the Town Council. Whilst this should be a cause for celebration – in theory the way is now clear for the Council to apply for EU funds – the Polish reality is more prosaic – long discussions will now commence between the Council and SKPL regarding the latter’s operating agreement. High on the Council’s agenda, is a demand that SKPL pay council tax in respect of the railway land.


Most unprototypical! The special to Wielichowo (nearest camera) and the service train to Stare Bojanowo wait in the same road. In PKP days trains to Stare Bojanowo would have used the right hand road.


The driver of the service train gives his railcar a last minute check.


That curve really needs some attention.


The first special crosses the main road.

Freight traffic on the Stare-Bojanowo – Smigiel line seems to be bearing up with two rakes of standard gauge freight wagons expected shortly. If arrangements proceed as planned the Px48 from Gniezno hired by the Wolsztyn Experience will visit the line in September and October.

More information:

  • Timetable – pdf download
  • Contact – tel/fax: +48 65 518 00 10  mobile: +48 694 023 432

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5 Responses to “Rainy morning in Smigiel”

  1. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    There was a special last Saturday to Wielechowo. It was like a trip up the Amazonian rainforest in places. The track does leave a little to be desired and at Sniaty the driver looked a bit concerned when the Kierownik said yes, we WERE going to Wielechowo as there hadn’t been anything down the line that far this year.

    I do hope the council realise what they have and that it is the only thing that Smiegel has as a tourist attraction. I doubt it though with the fiasco of the overhaul of the lines own Px48 being snubbed by the deputy mayor!

    • dyspozytor Says:

      The General Manager knows that if he doesn’t run the occasional train down the whole line the rails will begin to disappear. The Deputy Mayor’s attitude leaves a lot to be desired. So far she has rebuffed all proposals for an EU-funded project for essential work to safeguard the line for the future.

  2. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    Why does the DEPUTY Mayor seem to have so much clout? What is the position of the proper Mayor?

  3. Gavin Whitelaw Says:

    Ah, a treasurer with the same qualifications as Alastair Darling! She REALLY doesn’t seem to know what she is doing regarding the railway.

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