Competition 3 – mystery picture 6



BR Standard Class 4MT 4-6-0 in 1966 or 67, Photo BTWT archive.

It has been a very long day – all of it devoted to the cause of Polish heritage rail – and it will almost certainly inspire a post in due course. In the meantime, while I catch up with my beauty sleep, here is a meaty problem to be getting on with – the final mystery picture in our competition.

Please forgive the dark picture of the 4MT, however today’s questions are not about the engine. For one point can you tell us – Where was this picture taken?; for the second point – What is the narrow gauge connection? There is a bonus point if you can identify the train that has brought me from London and the 4MT is is about to haul!

Although our competitions are famous for being difficult – they are not impossible. Congratulations to John Hyde who is in the lead with THREE points. He has identified the locomotive and location in mystery picture 5 AND told us where the locomotive is now. Rik Degruyter and Michael Dembinski correctly identified ONE PART of the answer to mystery pictures 1 and 3 respectively and are the joint runners up with one point each.

For newcomers to BTWT quizzes – there is usually a post a few days before or a couple of days after a mystery picture is published which gives a Sherlock Holmesian clue which might be helpful in resolving the current problem.

All the previous questions are still open. For the winner the prize is a bottle of the king of Polish vodkas – (Zubrowka, Bison Grass Vodka) – so let’s have a few more entries!

Oh, and I nearly forgot late this evening – one year and two months since we launched Behind The Water Tower – we passed the total of 100,000 cumulative daily hits. Well done everybody. Please tell your friends about BTWT and lets see how quickly we can reach 200,000.



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4 Responses to “Competition 3 – mystery picture 6”

  1. J M Gold Says:

    Mystery picture 6

    How about –

    The location is Machynlleth

    The narrow guage connection is the Corris Railway.

    The train is the Cambrian Coast Express – the loco is presumably running from the shed, through the up platform, before coupling on to the Pwllheli portion in the down platform.

  2. David Rodgers Says:

    Cambrian Coast Express (1966 or 1967 post Manors)
    Corris Railway

  3. john hyde Says:

    How about Ravenglass Station, with the connection being the Ravenglass Eskdale railway ?

  4. john hyde Says:

    Railtour i’m struggling with, but it wouldnt be associated with the commissioning of River Mite would it ?

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