Competition 3 – mystery picture 5



Mystery picture 5. BTWT archive

Our third competition is proving quite a tough nut to crack – Mike Dembinski and Rik Degruyter are the joint leaders with ONE point each. Pictures 1 – 3 were taken within the last year or so in Poland, the next batch have been dug out of Dyspozytor’s archives and were taken in the 1960s in the UK. But what and where?

On first sight, mystery picture 5 seems pretty straightforward. The locomotive is an ex *** class **** taken at ********* Works. Easy! Well no – it is not that easy. For a start to get the first point you will have to come up with the number of the loco, not just the class designation. Worked out the number? Fine, now for the second point, please identify where the photograph was taken. Here it will be helpful to remember that Dyspozytor is fiendishly devious and the ‘obvious’ answer is probably the wrong one!

Finally, there is a third point to be gained by telling us where the loco is now!

2 Responses to “Competition 3 – mystery picture 5”

  1. john hyde Says:

    2818 being prepared at Eastleigh Works 1966

  2. john hyde Says:

    oh it’s at the NRM these days

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